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Social Media Marketing: Should All Of Your Social Profiles Look The Same?

Social media marketing is important to freelance blog writers
Social profiles for freelance blog writers must be unique.
A very important question to ask – “When you follow someone on a social network, do you also
follow the same person or business on other social channels?” If you do, it might be a little boring to see identical information presented in the same format across all channels. So, to be successful in social media marketing, should all of your social profiles look the same or should each one be treated differently?

There Are Elements Of Your Social Profiles That Should Remain Consistent 


Whether your social media marketing involves selling shoes or you are a freelance writer, your goal in Internet marketing should be to build a brand. There are certain elements of your profiles that should stay the same in all social networks, including:
  • Branding: People must learn to recognize your brand by a certain logo, color, and even your font selection on the web. Once you have established these characteristics for your brand, keep them consistent in all social networks.
  • Profile Photo (Avatar): Online relationships are driven by face-to-face contact. Don’t use your logo or other cute graphic, unless you are already a well recognized brand. Anytime you are asked to upload a profile picture, always use the same one. Do not change your avatar on a whim. It’s a good idea to go to and register your profile photo. Once registered, the same photo will show in all of your comments across the web; as long as you always use the same email address.
  • Contact Info: Always use the same address, phone number and email address across all platforms for obvious reasons. 

Your Introduction Must Be Conditioned To The Environment


Think of how you would tell someone what you do if you ran into them while pumping gas, then think about the way you would introduce yourself in your resume to a prospective employer. They would certainly be different. This is often referred to as an “elevator pitch”. Your goal is to develop an introduction that you can give to someone in an elevator before it’s time for one of you to get off. Remember, each social network has its own personality and use that to your advantage.

Is It Really Necessary To Post Your Content On All Social Platforms?


LinkedIn is a professional network and those that consistently use it probably aren’t interested in the fantastic dinner you had last night, while your followers on Facebook would probably love it. Tweets on Twitter can be no more than 140 characters. Google Plus provides more freedom in the size of photos and the actual formatting of your posts. Think about the unique features and characteristics of each social platform and post your content accordingly.

Think Of Ways To Re-Mix Your Posts To Make Them Unique


One of the most amazing things about social media is that it gives you a voice. How do you want people to perceive you? What do you want them to do with the content you post? Effective social marketing is much more than constantly broadcasting the same content in the same way across all social platforms. It can just get very boring and tiresome. Does being different require more work? It sure does, but in the long run, it’s worth it. Just take the time to re-mix your content to suit the platform you’re posting on.
Social media marketing is a very powerful branding and relationship building tool if the right strategy is used. There are many established techniques that work, but we must also learn to think outside the box and get creative to mark our rightful place in this socially crowded online world.
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